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Samsung working on Glass-style smart specs, reportedly targeting September launch

samsung galaxy gear smartwatch review rear clasp macro

Smart glasses were far less common at CES 2014 than the other mainstay of modern wearable technology, the smartwatch. However, with Google Glass’ release expected sometime over the coming twelve months, more than a few other examples should crop up before the end of the year too. Samsung has previously been rumored to have a pair of its own in development, and a new report indicates if all goes to plan, it’ll be heading our way in September.

Samsung Glass Specs PatentAccording to an anonymous Samsung official, who spoke to the Korea Times, the glasses are “A new concept of wearable device, which can lead to an exciting culture of communication.” The feature list could be similar to that seen on the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, and the specs will also incorporate the ability to answer calls. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the codename for the project is Galaxy Glass. At least it is at the moment, for we can’t see this making it through to production.

Samsung’s Glass challenger was leaked late last year through a patent filing. A transparent lens was mounted over one eye, just like Glass, and the sunglass-style lenses and built in lanyard made the design look more sporty than Google’s project. The design also what looked like integrated speakers, although they were mounted too far forward on the arms to fire into the wearer’s ears.

So when does Samsung aim to get its Galaxy Glass, or Gear Glass as they could be know, on to our faces? Apparently, the target is to announce them at the IFA show traditionally held in September, which is where it revealed the Galaxy Gear smartwatch last year.

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