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See the first photos from the iPhone 6S production line

see the first photos from iphone 6s production line leak
If it stays true to form, Apple is going to launch a brand new iPhone or two next month, and we’ve already seen a number of leaks teasing what might be in store for the next batch of handsets. The most recent photos to appear online seem to show an iPhone 6S display rolling off the production line, though they don’t tell us too much more about the internal specs.

The new pictures come straight from the GeekBar Weibo account and they’re difficult to verify — but if they’re not iPhone 6S pictures then they’re certainly very good fakes. There are small but subtle changes from the iPhone 6 design and industry experts aren’t expecting a massive departure from the phones that Apple pushed out in September last year.

iPhone 6s extra pics


Other rumors doing the rounds this weekend suggest Apple’s Chinese suppliers are ramping up production of Force Touch-enabled displays, although they’re refusing to say which company they’re for. The technology, which debuted in the Apple Watch, can react to different levels of pressure and opens up more interface options for app designers. Considering Apple has already added Force Touch to the latest MacBooks it seems inevitable it will come to the iPhones too.

As you might gather from the “S” moniker, we’re not expecting huge changes to the iPhone lineup this year: The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus got a revamped, streamlined design, so it seems unlikely that Apple would ditch it after just 12 months. However, the insides of the handsets should get a significant upgrade, and there are rumors that Apple is planning big bumps in both the camera capabilities and the screen resolution.

No doubt there will be a few more leaks and predictions to sift through before Apple finally takes the wrappers off the new devices in September.

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