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Pyro is like hiring a private DJ, minus the high costs or attitude

There’s nothing worse than being at a party and the person in charge of the music is killing the night with bad choices. DJs can cost a lot to hire for simple Friday night gatherings, and you’d think with Spotify or Apple Music it wouldn’t be too hard to just keep the place hype for more than five minutes. It’s this kind of pressure that has left many everywhere scared and unprepared to rule the night, so a new app from Serato, Pyro, luckily can save your party or jam session from the ultimate buzzkill. Queue up your tracks and let Pyro do the work as it seamlessly creates smart mixes, transitioning songs at the perfect times without the awkward pauses.

In this video Joshua Smith goes hands-on with Pyro to show how this free app has given him many successful nights of becoming boss of his many aux cords and Bluetooth speakers. Queue up your own tracks from your device or pick from over 30 million by logging into your Spotify account. Whatever you choose, Pyro is prepared to keep the good times rolling. See how to use the app, what’s good, and what’s not in this video review.

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