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Now you can scan objects with Shazam to get cool content and coupons

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Earlier this year, Shazam announced the company is planning to go beyond music recognition technology and dive into augmented reality content. Today, the company launched Visual Shazam, which lets users scan various products, QR codes, or print ads. Shazam is launching this new feature with partners including Levis, Guerlain, Hearst, Conde Nast, Time, Harper Collins and Disney’s new movie Tomorrowland. Magazines like Sports Illustrated, the Wall Street Journal, and Esquire will be a part of Shazamable items.

If you want to find a Shazamable ad, all you need to do is look for the Shazam logo with the camera icon. You can use the Shazam app to scan the QR code. Simply hold your smartphone 4-7 inches from the interactive image, let your camera focus, and hit the flash button. Shazam users will get to see augmented reality visuals and exclusive behind-the-scene videos and coupons. With Visual Shazam, users can scan any visual object as long as it has the Shazam logo.


In a statement, Rich Riley, Chief Executive Officer, Shazam, said, “ The introduction of visual recognition is another step on our journey to extend the ways people can use Shazam to engage with the world. For brands, we’re providing a near-frictionless way to engage customers on their mobile devices, with a single tap of a button.”

With more than 100 million monthly active users, visual recognition within Shazam will be a way for brands to engage with a massive audience. Shazam will also be able to provide a unique experience for these brands, making it so partners don’t have to build and maintain specialty apps.

The first Shazamable ad, for Disney’s Tomorrowland, was introduced to the public on May 22, and will roll out next month. Warner Brothers is also using Shazam to promote its upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight video game for its June 24 Australian launch.

You can download Shazam on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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