Showcase your iPhone 6S with style in the Otterbox Statement Series case

Otterbox partnered up with Apple to create an exclusive case for the iPhone 6, 6S, and Plus that both protects the phone and shows off its original design and aesthetics. The case is a polycarbonate shell with a clear back, colored rubber bumper, and matching genuine leather accent that handsomely complements the premium materials used in the iPhone.

The Statement Series case carries the full-on protection that you’ve come to expect from Otterbox. It’s certified by the brand’s Drop+ Protection program that puts the case through more than 238 hours of stress testing to ensure your phone survives life’s daily rigors.

Popping your phone in the case is straightforward, and the phone slides easily into the shock absorbent rubber bumper to rest against a rubber pad on the inside of the case behind the leather accent. The rest of the phone is separated from the case by a narrow air gap, so the back of your phone never actually makes contact with the plastic, which helps avoid scratches and absorb some shock from impacts.

However, this gap also leaves room for dirt and debris to get caught between the case and the phone, and you may need to clean it periodically. The clear back shows off roughly two-thirds of the phone’s brushed aluminum exterior and Apple branding, though it does tend to attract fingerprints easily as well, which may bother some people.

The cutout for the camera and flash is wide enough to ensure that the case doesn’t interfere with your photos and videos, and a raised beveled edge around the front protects the screen from picking up scratches by lifting it up off tables and flat surfaces. Along the bottom, ample cutouts for the speaker, mic, headphone, and Lightning port leave plenty of room for most third-party headphone jacks and charging cable connectors, but the large holes tend to clog with dust and lint easily.

Along the sides, the volume and sleep keys are fully covered with firm but easy-to-press rubber buttons, and the mute switch cutout is wide enough to allow for operation with your thumb. The leather accent on the back gives the case a professional and luxurious look, while the rest of the fine, smooth grain of the leather feels soft in your hand and provides a secure non-slip grip.

The biggest detractor for clear plastic shells like this one is that the polycarbonate tends to pick up scuffs and scratches readily. Over time, the window might become foggy or discolored. However, these scratches mean the case is doing its job, namely keeping said scratches off your phone.

For a reasonably priced $40, the Statement Series case lets you to show off your phone’s design while adding a bit of color and the handsome look of leather. You’ll also get the rugged protection of an Otterbox case against bumps, drop, and shocks in a lightweight, slim package, which is a far sleeker alternative over its chunky Defender and Commuter Series cases. It’s a good buy for anyone who wants to protect their iPhone without completely covering up its original design.

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