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Shure Brings Sound-Isolating SE115M+ Headset to The iPhone

Audio gear maker Shure has introduced its new SE115m+ Sound Isolating Headset with Remote + Microphone…which is basically a fancy way of saying its made a version of its well-regarded SE115 headset for the Apple iPhone. The SE115m+ combines the sound isolation technology and high audio quality of the SE115s with a three-button remote and a microphone so the unit can be used with the iPhone 3GS and current Apple iPods.

Shure SE115m+ headset with iPhone

“Since the iPhone was introduced two years ago, Shure has been committed to building accessories that enhance the smartphone experience,” said Shure’s director of global product management Scott Sullivan, in a statement. “The SE115m+ blends functionality, performance, and convenience with Shure’s standard for professional audio quality and durability.”

The SE115m+ features an in-ear-canal design that blocks external noise by forming a seal on the ear; the headset also includes Shure’s Dynamic MicroSpeaker II for detailed sound quality and enhanced bass response. For use with the iPhone or iPod, the SE115m+ also come with an inline microphone and a three-button remote for controlling volume and playback without requiring users fish their Apple device out of a pocket or bag.

The SE115m+ headset will be available later this month for $119.99 at Apple retail stores and Apple’s Web site; in early 2010 it’ll be available through other Shure retailers. The headset ships with a carrying pouch and interchangable earpieces for a proper fit.

Shure SE115m+ headset (accessories)

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