Shure unveils new mobile phone headsets

Until now, the mobile phone headset market has been serviced by companies with little experience in high performance audio electronics. Shure’s history is rooted firmly in the professional music and broadcast industries, putting it in a unique position to deliver what others could not – a headset that provides outstanding sound quality in any environment.

“Since it’s inception in 1925, Shure has been renowned for building equipment that provides premier ‘true-sound’ experiences. We’re eager to bring that expertise to a market in which customers have been disappointed by the performance of available products,” said Brian Woodland, Director of Sales and Marketing for the Personal Communications group of Shure Incorporated. “The QuietSpot headset allows users to hear and be heard, even in the noisy settings that characterize our daily lives – on the train, street, or in the office.” The Shure QuietSpot headset uses a combination of Shure’s leading audio electronics and accessories to deliver outstanding sound to both the user and the caller.

• NoiseBlocker earphone: The QuietSpot headset leverages Shure’s in ear earphone that fits securely inside the ear, blocking out 20 dB or 75% of all background noise.

• Studio quality speaker: The QuietSpot headset is equipped with a state-of-the-art speaker that maximizes the clarity of callers and

• Personal Fit Kit: The QuietSpot headset comes with a series of interchangeable sleeves so that users can experiment to find the solution that fits and feels the best. Available in small, medium, and large sizes, the flex sleeves allow easy, one-handed placement, while the compressible foam sleeves mold to the ear for a personalized fit.

• Noise-Canceling Boom Microphone: The QuietSpot headset is equipped with a noise-canceling microphone that picks up 66% less ambient noise than standard omnidirectional microphones. The sleek