Siemens Announces Two New Mobile Phones

Siemens mobile unveiled two new mobile phones for the European and Asian markets at an international media launch in Berlin today: the SL65 slider phone and the new clamshell CFX65 with LED photoflash.

From Siemens’ press releases:

Siemens SL65:

The SL65 makes a bold first impression with its design. At the heart of this is the innovative slider mechanism but once you open the phone you experience technology of the highest caliber. The built-in video camera of the SL65 weighs only 99 grams, has 5x zoom, 8 frames per second and a 640 x 480-pixel resolution. This VGA camera allows films to be recorded and played back later and the high-resolution 16-bit color display with 65,000 colors shows clips individually recorded with the H.263 video player to their best advantage. Single moments can be captured at any time of day using the photo function and the attachable Flash IFL-600, which has automatic exposure control even under low light conditions. Flexibility is the key when it comes to sharing moments: Videos and images can be sent with text and sound by email or MMS to friends and family from almost anywhere in the world using triband and by a fast data connection using GPRS. Up to 14.4 kbps per CSD and up to 53.6 kbps can be transmitted and used to download WAP content.

Thorsten Heins, President of the Mobile Phones division within Siemens mobile, explains: “With the SL65 Siemens mobile continues to successfully combine design with state of the art technology and the SL65 provides a worthy successor to the acclaimed SL55.”

Wireless Java technologies ensure a wide range of applications are available. Specially developed graphical themes to personalize the phone and 3D Games are also part of the SL65 package. The new SL65 has a wide range of logos, backgrounds and ring tones in polyphonic sound. A full suite of business functions also allows seamless synchronization of the organizer.

Siemens new design phone is offered with a wide range of Siemens Original Accessories to allow maximum convenience. Besides the attachable Flash, a range of headsets including the Headset Purestyle and convenient car solutions like the Car Kit Comfort, Car Kit Comfort Upgrade or the innovative plug & play Car Kit Easy with integrated mobile holder are available. There is also a choice of chargers and data solutions like the SyncStation or Data Cable USB as well as a practical Textile Case.

The mobile phone will be available in Europe and in Asia from September 2004. Prices will be made available locally.

Siemens CFX65:

Siemens Information and Communication Mobile (Siemens mobile) today presents the new CFX65: with its fresh design, integrated flash, torch and full multimedia features, this clamshell phone is designed to appeal to young consumers that want to communicate in style. With a striking loop antenna, integrated VGA camera, two displays and full photo functionality the CFX65 is the ideal for 24/7 lifestyles.

Capturing and sharing moments with friends is enhanced with the CFX65’s integrated VGA camera and a full range of photo communication. This latest clamshell phone also has an LED flash and even a built-in torch making it an indispensable companion, which offers optimal performance whatever time of day. Siemens CFX65 also has a complete range of communication options such as MMS, EMS and Email, and numerous Java applications and pre-installed games provide additional entertainment value.

With two displays the CFX65 allows images to be viewed in brilliant color or in striking black and white: the phone is equipped with a large color 65K CSTN display (160 x 128 pixels) on the inside and a black and white display (96 x 64 pixels) on the outside. The integrated VGA camera has 4x zoom to view you special moments in life from different angles and detail.

Thorsten Heins, President of the Mobile Phones division within Siemens mobile, said: “The CFX65 combines striking looks with easy to use technology for young style conscious consumers that want the latest communication options. By adding an integrated flash, we’ve made this the handset relevant to their active lifestyle!”

The CXF65 comes with a wide range of Siemens Original Accessories to allow maximum convenience: a variety of Headsets including the Headset Purestyle with increased wearing comfort, a range of chargers and data cables a Sync Station and an exchangeable mobile holder, from the flexible Car Kit Easy, which offers future compatibility. A practical Textile Case completes the product portfolio.

Packed into 97 X 48 X 23 mm of space is everything that the modern social butterfly might need and with at just 88 grams, the CFX65 is a true lightweight and fits into any purse.

The CFX 65 will be available from August 2004 in Europe and Asia. Prices will be available locally.