Siri is really into the Apple Watch and aluminum


Siri appears to consider herself a real trendsetter and a bit of an Apple insider. The voice-powered virtual assistant is pretty pumped about the upcoming Apple Watch, and she has some new ways to tell you about just how excited she is.

If you ask Siri what the best watch is, she’ll quite gleefully recommend to you Apple’s own, “hands down.” And now if you ask her what she’s doing, there’s a whole new line of answers centered around the new wearable and, oddly, the metal that makes it possible. It turns out the A.I. assistant is really into aluminum — almost as much as Jony Ive.

You can check out some of Siri’s more choice answers below:

The only answer that really got us wondering is the jellyfish one. We asked Siri why she was rounding up jellyfish and she said, “I’ve been wondering that myself.”

However, be warned that if you ask Siri what she’s doing a few too many times, she may retort, “Trying to figure out what you want me to do.” She also can’t tell you what she thinks of the Watch, but she’ll gladly funnel you to Apple’s website.