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Skype brings two-way video calling to (some) Android users


Skype announced today the second version of its mobile app for Android devices, Skype for Android 2.0. The update application gives Android users the ability to make two-way video calls over either WiFi or a 3G wireless connection, along with other added features. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for all Android phones — at least for right now.

According to Skype, only the HTC Desire S, Sony Ericsson Xperia neo, Sony Ericsson Xperia pro and the Google Nexus S will currently support video calling with the Skype app.

“We are sorry if your device currently does not support video for the Skype for Android app,” writes Skype’s Android product manager Mark Douglas on the company blog. “But, rest assured, we plan to roll out support for more Android handsets very soon.”

We suspect the HTC Thunderbolt will be one of the first to get added to the list of compatible handsets. In general, the device must run Android 2.3 or newer and have a front-facing camera.

Despite the limitation on handsets, Skype video calling does work between the approved Android devices, and iPhone 4 or fourth generation iPod touch, Mac running Skype 5.0 and above, Windows PCs running Skype version 4.2 or above, other Android devices (of course) and Skype enabled TVs.

In addition to video calling, Skype for Android 2.0 allows for the standard VoIP calls to landlines or mobile phones, as well as an improved SMS text messaging feature. These features can work on any Android device, not the just the ones listed above that can make video calls. Skype says it’s revamped the Android contact menu, as well as added a new “mood message box” to the app, which allows users to “share how they are feeling, what they’ve seen, or what they’re up to.”

The new version of Skype is currently available in the Android Market. Watch a video that highlights the app’s new features:

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