Skype for iOS gets native Microsoft Office support

android phone skype
Pablo Hidalgo/123rf
Skype just got a little more productivity-oriented on iOS — you can now share and receive Microsoft Office documents while in a Skype conversation.

With native support for Office documents enabled on the iPhone and iPad, users can download files by just tapping them, and it will take you to the App Store to download the relevant Office app if you do not have it installed. Skype for Android actually got this feature in January.

So now while you’re planning that trip with a friend, partner, or co-worker, you can just open it up during a Skype conversation and get to work. It’s not exactly a breakthrough feature, but it’s pretty convenient if you’re already in that ecosystem.

The update is more evidence of Microsoft attempting to unify its software applications, just like it’s trying to do with the Windows 10 operating system. Last October, Microsoft added Skype integration into Microsoft Office products, allowing users to instant message, voice, or video call your contacts directly while working on a document. And group video calling is gradually rolling out for mobile versions of the Skype app.

With the latest update, when you’re in Skype you can “receive, review, and respond” to documents on your smartphone or tablet.

The company also announced the ability to save Skype video messages to Photos, just by tapping and holding the message, allowing users to share them to loved ones or simply store it for safe-keeping.

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