Skype still only “coming soon” for Windows Phone 7, despite Microsoft ownership

microsoft-buys-skypeYou could be forgiven for thinking that a Skype app was already be available for Windows Phone 7 devices, given that not only is it very popular, but also as the company is now owned by Microsoft. However, you’d be wrong, and a search of the Windows Marketplace still reveals nothing officially related to the VoIP service at all.

Any misunderstanding could also be connected to the talk of such an app arriving late last year too, however Windows Phone owners shouldn’t give up all hope, as during an interview at CES 2012 Skype’s vice president said they’re hard at work on a Windows Phone app right now, and that it’ll be “coming soon.”

Of course, this particularly vague time-frame doesn’t really help, but thanks to some information discovered in some leaked internal documentation by, it seems likely to be arriving in the first half of this year. Perhaps this will coincide with the release of Windows Phone Tango, the next version of the mobile OS, also rumored to coming around the same time.

Going back to the video interview with Skype’s VP Rick Osterloh, he also adds they’re integrating the service with other Microsoft products, including Xbox and Windows 8.

In the meantime, if you’re desperate to get at least part of the Skype experience on your Windows Phone, then the IM+ app offers access to Skype chat. Alternatively, there’s the cross-platform messenger service WhatsApp, or the Tango Video Call app too.

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