This smart e-cigarette will help curb your smoking habits

smart vaporizer wants help track smoking habits

Looking to kick the smoking habit, or at least curb your usage? Kosmo wants to help by having you turn to your smartphone. The company has created a smart e-cigarette and you can help make it a reality by backing the project on Indiegogo.

Kosmo is looking to raise €30,000 (about $40,600) via Indiegogo for its smart e-cigarette. By connecting to a smartphone via Bluetooth, users will be able to track how often they smoke. Custom goals can be set and progress toward them tracked. If you need a little competition for motivation, you can compare progress with friends also on the program. The mobile app also gives control over the vaporizer itself, allowing users to adjust vapor density on their phone. 

The e-cigarette itself can be charged via Micro USB and is compatible with all eGo atomizers and liquids. Backers of the project can get a Kosmo vaporizer kit before they hit the retail shelves for a pledge of €59 (about $80). Other perks available include an invitation to the product launch party, the Kosmo e-cigarette body without atomizer, and a laser-engraved model, among others.

The Indiegogo campaign for the Kosmo e-cigarette runs through July 26, 2014.