Smartphone Film Scanner transforms photos from analog to digital on-the-go

smartphone film scanner on the go

It’s no secret that mobile devices have enhanced the way users take, edit and share photos, but a new Kickstarter project may have taken that idea to the next level. The Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner lets photographers scan, edit, and print 35mm film using their smartphone.

The scanner features a direct light panel that illuminates the film strip and is compatible with iOS and some Android devices. It works with a free integrated Lomoscanner App that allows photographers to perform functions such as editing negative scans into positives, stitching panoramic shots, and animating 35mm analogue movie shots via the LomoKino.

The Smartphone Film Scanner isn’t the size of your typical photo scanner – it’s a portable device catered to suit the smartphone it hosts. It may not be able to slide into your pocket, but it can certainly fit in your bag for on-the-go scanning and editing. It also works with different kinds of 35mm film such as color negative, color slide, and black & white.

“We are Lomography and we go completely crazy for all things analog,” reads the project’s Kickstarter page. “The Smartphone Film Scanner was conceived as a way to offer photographers and enthusiasts a quick, easy and portable way to scan 35mm films.”

Using the scanner is relatively simple: just slip the film into the back of the device, switch on the embedded backlight and capture a photo of the negative by using the Lomoscanner app. After the image is digitized, you can perform any of the functions mentioned above or share the photo through social media.

The Smartphone Film Scanner is exclusively available through Kickstarter, and Lomography promises some discounts and deals for early pledgers. The project was just launched on the Internet crowdsourcing platform on Monday and already has 603 backers. Of its $50,000 goal, Lomography has already garnered the majority of its funds at $38,439. That’s a pretty successful start for a company claiming to launch its first Kickstarter project.

No pricing information for the Smartphone Film Scanner has been revealed at this time (except an estimated early bird backer special priced between $40 to $60), but the device is expected to launch in March. Check out the demo video at Lomography’s Kickstarter page to learn more about how the portable scanner works with your smartphone.