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Snapchat update adds a color-changing brush, lets you record longer videos

A few months ago, Snapchat introduced “limitless” snaps — snaps that don’t have a time constraint along with looping videos — as well as the “magic eraser” that removes objects from photos. More recently Snap Map and the ability to create custom geofilters straight through the Snapchat app were added as well. On Tuesday, the company tacked on yet another new update — multi-Snap recording and the Tint Brush — allowing users to easily record more content and edit the video afterward.

By holding down the capture button on the app, users can now record up to six 10 second snaps in a row. The new Tint Brush inside the Scissors tool changes the color of your shirt, hair, or any other object you’d like. The multi-snap recording feature is rolling out on iOS first and will soon be available for Android, but the Tint Brush is launching for both operating systems right away, TechCrunch notes.

Prior to the update, users would have to pack 10 seconds of video into one snap — choose whether they would like to post it, save it, or delete it — and then go back to filming more clips. With the new multi-snap feature, users can instead continue to film continuously for 60 seconds. While the snaps will post in chronological order, you can choose to delete particular clips before posting the video to your story or sending it out to friends.

The Tint Brush — which can be accessed by tapping on the Scissors icon in the menu on the right of the snap — allows you to replace the colors of anything in the video. By outlining the subject and choosing a color, the new feature uses machine learning to fill in space without compromising any important details. You can do anything from changing the color of your top or a piece of furniture to the shade of your hair.

It is clear Snapchat might be attempting to not only encourage more creativity when editing snaps, but the company is also clearly trying to branch off from being known as the disappearing photo app. Sixty-second videos may only be the start of Snapchat’s push to increase our content consumption on the app but it could also be the key feature that brings them ahead in the ongoing battle with Instagram, for now, at least.

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