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Microsoft, Sony, Oppo, and Motorola all pledge allegiance to the Snapdragon 810

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Qualcomm really wants you to know there’s nothing wrong with its Snapdragon 810 mobile processor, and it has released a lengthy document filled with quotes from big-name manufacturers to put your mind at ease. While such trumpeting isn’t all that unusual, Qualcomm has been chatting to four companies which have yet to confirm the existence of a Snapdragon 810 flagship smartphone.

The most welcome name on the list is Microsoft, and Juha Kokkonen, GM of Product Management, is quoted as saying, “We look forward to continuing this relationship to deliver best in class Lumia smartphones powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processors.” Ever since Microsoft took over things at Nokia’s Devices division, we’ve been waiting for a new high-end Lumia phone, but rumors have persisted we had a long wait ahead of us. While this doesn’t give a timeframe for the phone’s launch, it’s at least confirmation one is coming, and that when it does arrive it’ll be able to compete with similar Android-based phones on the power front.

Sony also says it’s working on new Xperia products which use the Snapdragon 810, and will be bringing them out later this year. The Xperia Z4 and its spinoff devices are the next major releases we’re expecting from the company. Motorola is less forthcoming about timing or firm details, but does say it’s working with the Snapdragon 810. Finally, Oppo says it’s also using the Snapdragon 810 in a future device.

According to Qualcomm there are at least 60 top-of-the-range mobile devices based on the Snapdragon 810 processor already in the works. LG and Xiaomi are the only two manufacturers which have announced a Snapdragon 810 phone – the G Flex 2 and the Mi Note Pro, respectively – so far, and the former is due to go on sale in the coming weeks.

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