Snapping selfies made easier, thanks to the Q-PIC smartphone remote

Not all selfies share the ubiquitous face-plus-half-an-arm look. Some are much more creative, featuring the photographer in all kinds of poses, during all kinds of activities in all kinds of places; sometimes featuring long exposures, extreme wide angles, and more. But snapping a creative selfie – especially from a distance – isn’t an easy thing to do.

If you want to include your surroundings into the photo, and don’t want your arm to be cut off at one side of the picture because you were hand-holding your camera, you’ll need to use either the self-timer or a remote control. With the self timer, you can’t control the exact moment in which the shutter fires, and remote controls are usually only available for advanced camera models.

So what if you want to get creative with your iPhone or Android smartphone? This is where Q-PIC comes in. Q-PIC is a small, colorful remote control for smartphones that pairs with your device via Bluetooth. Clad in rubber and equipped with a silicone band so you can wear it around your neck or wrist, the Q-PIC comes with a single button that lets you snap a picture from a distance of up to 98 ft (30 meters).

The Q-PIC needs no app to be installed on your phone, but it requires your device to run Android 4.3 or higher, or iOS 7 or higher. It is available in five different colors and can be pre-ordered from QDOS for £20 ($33). Shipping of the Q-PIC will start September 15, and it’s possible to order from the U.S.

(Via ePhotoZine)