Sony Ericsson 3G Z1010 in UK

This is the first Sony Ericsson 3G phone capable of video conferencing.

The phone itself is in the final stages of pre-production testing and has passes the video conferencing beta test stage. It is beleived that the phone will be heading for the Hutchison 3G network but this has not been confirmed.

The clamshell Z1010 is designed to give consumers the best possible experience of imaging, messaging and connectivity applications using 3G. Optimised for video conferencing and video applications, it features two inbuilt cameras, two displays, video support and a host of other features.

This fully featured dual mode UMTS/GSM-GPRS mobile phone will be Sony Ericsson’s first in a line of 3G-products made available for the consumer market. It is demonstrated featuring video calls and streaming video applications, in a live 3G network in Cannes. The Z1010 focuses on easy-to-use multimedia messaging, taking advantage of the capacity and capability of 3G networks. For this, the clamshell Z1010 features two displays and two cameras. The main display is a full graphic 65K colour display and a grey scale status display is located on the front panel of the phone, for easy access to information when the phone is closed.

The integrated camera is easy to use for capturing still images and video, which can then be sent as MMS or e-mail. There is also a dedicated video call camera placed below the main display, so while the camera is filming the user, he or she can watch the other party in the display. To be able to easily move information between the Z1010 and other devices, as well as for memory extension, the phone features Sony Memory Stick Duo(TM) technology which makes it easy to transfer images, video clips and music files to and from the phone.

“We are showing this product now to support operators’ commercial 3G launch programmes and to inspire users and application developers with full 3G functionality support. 2003 will be the year when the industry will have to focus heavily on interoperability and standardisation in order to launch attractive 3G services and applications,” says Jan Wareby, Corporate Executive VP, Head of Sales and Marketing at Sony Ericsson. “Supporting this process is definitely one of Sony Ericsson’s strengths thanks to our Ericsson heritage, closeness to the operators and the fact that we were the first ones to carry out hand-over between GSM and 3G in September 2002,” says Mr Wareby.

The Z1010 is shipping to operators already for interoperability testing (IOT). Upon completion of IOT during Q2, there will be full commercial availability to support operator launch programmes during the second half of 2003. Sony Ericsson has been shipping UMTS network test phones to selected operator customers since the middle of 2002 and in September announced, together with Ericsson, the first live, dual mode UMTS/GSM calls with seamless handover between the two modes. The demonstration, which included high data rate in live UMTS/GSM networks, was done on Sony Ericsson test units based on a commercial platform developed by Ericsson Mobile Platforms and it is also on this platform that the Z1010 is based.

Z1010 product features :
Imaging Entertainment
Video Call Audio and video:
TwinCam MPEG 4, H.263, MP3, ACC, AMR
VGA for still UMTS 384kbit downlink
QCIF for video Polyphonic Sound 24 voices
UMTS 64kbits uplink WAP2.0
GPRS 4+2 Java MIDP 1.0
Dual displays:
176×220 pixels/65 536 colors
101×80 pixels/4-level grey scale

Messaging Connectivity
SMS/EMS/MMS/MMS video Bluetooth long range
Wireless village Sony Memory stick Duo(TM), 16MB
e-mail included
USB true connector – 12Mbit