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Sony gets in on fitness tracking trend with Lifelog app, Core fitness tracker

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Sony isn’t new to the wearable tech trend and already has it’s own line of smartwatches, but now it’s ready to put something more health-centric on your wrist. The Japanese electronics giant showed off its Core fitness tracker and Lifelog Android app on the CES 2014 stage.

The concept of the Core will not be foreign to most who have seen or experienced fitness tracker bands. It’s worn around your wrist when attached to a SmartBand, or kept in your pocket while tracking all of your actions over the course of the day – from how well you sleep to how many steps you take to the effectiveness of your workout regimen. The Core is completely waterproof as well. Sony claims its device is the smallest of its kind ever made.

All of the activity that the Core tracks is synced with an Android app called Lifelog, which will come installed on the new Xperia smartphones. This is where you’ll have access to the information you’ve accumulated over your day. Sony says the Core doesn’t just keep track of your physical motions but your emotions as well … but we’re not really sure what that means. It appears Sony has bigger aspirations for the Core, making it more than just a fitness tracker and more an integrated part of your life. Lifelog will be the platform through which it all comes together.

Sony has stated the Core and the accompanying Lifelog app will be available sometime during the spring of 2014. More details will be revealed at the Mobile World Congress event in February 2014. More information will be available on the SmartBand is also available on Sony’s landing page for the technology.

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