Sony planning to launch 5GB, cloud-based photo sharing service

PlayMemories Online Consumers

As reported by PCWorld yesterday, Sony is launching a cloud storage component of PlayMemories that will offer 5GB of free photo and video storage to consumers that own Sony devices. Timing the launch on May 25, PlayMemories Online will be available to Sony consumers within Japan, France, Germany, Canada, the U.K. and the United States. The photo service is designed to help link Sony devices together, but also reach out to the majority of smartphone and tablet users. For instance, Sony will roll out an Android application on the Google Play store that can upload photos or videos to the service on a compatible smartphone or tablet. An iOS application is in the works as well.

PlayMemories Online Android Smartphone appWithin Sony’s camera line, consumers can connect their Sony camera up to a computer and upload photos or videos using the PlayMemories Online available for Windows and Mac. Cameras with Wi-Fi capability will be able to send photos to smartphones or tablets using the previously mentioned Android application.

Once the photos have been uploaded to the 5GB cloud storage, users can share the photos with friends or view the media on Sony’s Bravia televisions or Sony digital photo frames. In addition, anyone that owns a PlayStation 3 or Vita or will be able to view the images through those devices.

A component of the PlayMemories service called PlayMemories Studio has been available to Sony PlayStation 3 and Vita owners since late March for a price of $15, but PlayStation Plus subscribers could download the application for free. There’s also a 30-day free trial available to users. Along with a limited range of video editing tools, the software allows PlayStation 3 owners to connect any brand of camera, external hard drive or storage device over USB and organize the photos on the PS3. In addition, users can directly share photos to Facebook from the software. PlayMemories Studio will soon be integrated with the 5GB cloud storage included with PlayMemories Online.