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Sony Smartwatch 3 rumored for IFA launch, but it’s unlikely to run Android Wear

Sony SmartWatch 2 front right
Sony could be bringing out a new version of its SmartWatch very soon, and the device may make its debut at the IFA tech show, scheduled for the beginning of September. The SmartWatch 2 was revealed back in June 2013, then spruced it up in April this year, making it ripe for replacement. It’s not only time that will make Sony keen to update the watch, but increasing competition too.

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Currently referred to as the SmartWatch 3, a rumor has appeared on the Chinese Digi-Wo forum, but details on the features and specs are slim. It’s stated Sony will be sticking with a similar design to the SmartWatch 2 with the new version, but could change the screen to one with a higher resolution, and transflective technology. This would potentially improve the display’s readability in sunlight, much like Qualcomm’s Mirasol screen seen on the Toq smartwatch.

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Sony may also give the operating system and the user interface an upgrade, but probably not to Google’s Android Wear. Initially shunning the software, Sony subsequently said it wasn’t against the idea of using Android Wear in the future, but it certainly hasn’t committed yet, making it unlikely it’ll be loaded on to the SmartWatch 3. Additionally, we’re told the watch will have Wi-Fi, wireless charging, plus a water and dust proof chassis.

If Sony does reveal the SmartWatch 3 during the IFA show, it’s probably going to have a fight on its hands, because Motorola will almost certainly officially confirm the Moto 360’s arrival at an event on September 4. Running Android Wear, the Moto 360 is highly anticipated, thanks to its unusual circular touchscreen face.

Sony has called a press conference in Berlin for September 3, where the watch could be shown off, alongside the Xperia Z3 smartphone.

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