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You can now create music videos via SoundHound and Flipagram

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Are you a Flipagram and SoundHound user? The two services just partnered to make it easy to add newly discovered music to your videos.

Flipagram, like Instagram, is an app that lets you post content to the community or your followers — except it’s primarily oriented to creating and sharing short videos. SoundHound, which has been around for a while, tells you what song is playing if you’re listening to the radio, to music playing in a restaurant, or wherever.

The new integration adds a “Create Music Video” button at the bottom of every SoundHound search and identification result — tapping on it opens your camera in Flipagram, allowing you to take a few seconds of video, and causing the song to automatically be added to it. It’s a quick way to share a video of what you’re doing, accompanied by the music you’re listening to.

One further plus is that other Flipagram users can see the song that was added — and that takes them straight to SoundHound, which provides information on the artist, album, song, and related content.

Similarly, Flipagram users can also access SoundHound’s “trending songs” if they want to add music to a Flipagram slideshow. You get the option of using 60 seconds of the song for free, or you can pay for access to the full song. Flipagram has been offering the free music option for a while, so it’s hardly a new feature. This partnership just lets you grab songs that people have identified using SoundHound.

Still, it’s a neat feature if you’re an avid user of both services — and as a note, you definitely need both apps, Flipagram and SoundHound, for the integrations to work.

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