Spotify app for Windows Phone 8 finally launches

spotify windows 8 app

Spotify users with Windows Phone 8 handsets have a reason to celebrate today – and considering that Spotify had promised its Windows Phone 8 app three months ago, you might know why. Spotify announced today that the Spotify app is, once again, available for download from the Windows Phone Store.

Spotify has been available to Windows Phone 7 users and of course for iOS and Android devices. With an increasing number of WP8 supported mobile phones entering the market from HTC, Nokia, and Samsung (among others), along with over 120,000 apps already populating the Windows Phone Store, Spotify is a bit late to the game. But better late than never.

The WP8 app is being launched at first as a beta app so that it’s subject to changes as Spotify finds a happy medium when it comes to an interface that satisfies both the platform and its users. Spotify is being forced to rethink an interface that won’t sacrifice the user experience and features, while complying with the stringent Windows Phone design standards.

Judging from Spotify’s blog post, most of the features that you’ll find in the iOS and Android version of the app will be ported to the new app. Playlists (online and offline), listings of new songs, and auto syncing to other devices are all features that will be supported.

The app is free to download, and available for free during the first 30 days. Past that trial period, the app will cost the normal $10 per month.

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