Sprint Brings Broadway to Cell Phones

Get ready for Broadway on your mobile phone. Sprint and The Broadway Channel today announced a deal which will bring content from the company that produces and distributes video and television programming for Broadway to Sprint wireless phone users nationwide.

Under the terms of the arraignment, the two companies said, Sprint TV will soon start making available to viewers daily programming which includes “a ‘clip of the week’ from one of Broadway’s top shows; interviews with actors, directors and other theater insiders; special features from shows on tour; exclusive on-location segments from opening nights; star-studded red-carpet events and more.”

This on-demand content, added The Broadway Channel, was previously only available either on a dedicated channel in New York City hotel rooms or at their Web site.

“Sprint has led the industry in offering content-rich information and entertainment applications that are changing the way consumers use their phones,” said Alana Muller, director of product marketing for Sprint, in a statement. “The addition of The Broadway Channel to Sprint TV demonstrates our leadership and commitment to bringing the best of entertainment to our customers.”