Forget iPhone for Life — Sprint will give you an iPhone 6, iPad Mini 3, and unlimited plan for $100 a month

Apple iPad Mini 3

Forget iPhone for life, now you can have Apple for life, thanks to Sprint’s latest promotion. Those who want to sign up for the carrier’s iPhone leasing program can get an iPad Mini 3 thrown in for free. The entire deal — including Sprint’s Simply Unlimited talk, text, and data plan, the iPhone 6, and the iPad Mini 3 — will cost you just $100 a month.

You’ll pay just $20 a month to lease the iPhone, $50 a month for the unlimited plan, and $30 a month for 2GB of data on your new iPad Mini 3. Sprint will cut out the activation fee, down payment, and $17 a month fee for the latest iPad Mini. It may not save you a ton of money, but it’s still a decent deal. Sprint is offering just the 16GB iPad Mini 3 and the iPhone 6 in this particular promotion, which ends on April 9.

Then, once you’ve leased the iPhone 6 for 12 or 24 months, depending on which version of the program you choose, you’ll have the choice to return it, buy it, upgrade, or exit the program forever. Sprint’s also added the iPad Air 2 to the leasing program, although it’s not bundled up with the iPhone for Life deal.

In recent months, Sprint has added a slew of top Android phones to its leasing program, which started out with just the iPhone. So far, no other tablets are offered on Sprint’s leasing program, though. You can check out Sprint’s offer on its website.