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Sprint’s iPhone leasing plan, iPhone Forever, now applies to the iPhone 7

You can now get an iPhone 7 32GB for free with Sprint's iPhone Forever plan

Have a penchant for bleeding-edge iPhones and an unparalleled hatred of two-year contracts? If you find Sprint’s service and coverage copacetic, the carrier’s vision might just whet your whistle.

In 2015, Sprint chief Marcelo Claure announced in an interview that the company would eliminate two-year contracts and subsidies in favor of phone leasing plans, plans which Sprint says a majority of its customers (51 percent) favor. It was a move that brought the SoftBank-owned carrier in line with its major competition.

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As a part of Sprint’s new strategy, it introduced iPhone Forever, an evolution of its iPhone for Life phone leasing program. The crux is simple: Lease the latest and greatest iPhone for a low monthly fee. And now, its latest iteration allows you to get an iPhone 7 32GB for cheap. Simply switch to Sprint, turn in your current smartphone, and get an iPhone 7 “on the house.” Just like the previous versions of iPhone Forever, you will be able to upgrade to the newest iPhone any time following 12 lease payments.

“We’re always listening to customers to make sure we’re delivering what wireless users want and care about — great devices and unlimited data plans,” Chief Marketing Officer Roger Solé said. “We know customers want unlimited and we know they love iPhone 7. With our industry-leading unlimited plan and reliable, fast network, there’s no better place to get the iPhone 7 and experience mobile life without limits.”

Sprint will also offer unlimited data, talk, and text for $50 per month for the first line, $40 per month for two lines, and $30 per month for four lines. The service provider promises that its unlimited plan encompasses HD streaming for video, music, and gaming, and 10GB per month per line of mobile hotspot data.

Sprint’s program is similar to T-Mobile’s new monthly device payment program — Jump On Demand. This plan offers a greater choice of handsets and allows subscribers to upgrade to a new phone up to three times a year, but folds the cost of phones into monthly payments (the 16GB iPhone 6, for example, runs $27 a month).

So if you’re looking for a new iPhone, Sprint may be the way to go.

Article first published in August 2015. Updated on 04-10-2017 by Lulu Chang: Added news of the iPhone Forever plan’s application to the iPhone 7 32GB.