Sprint returns to E3 with 120 titles

At this year’s show, Sprint will highlight future enhancements to its game platform such as multi-platform and 3D games.

“Since the launch of PCS Vision, close to 2 million single- and multi-player games have been purchased and downloaded,” said Chip Novick, vice president of consumer marketing for the PCS division of Sprint. “Gamers of all ages tell us that their PCS Vision Phone is the third screen in their lives and a great ‘in-hand’ addition to their gaming experience. Whether they are playing a game, sharing a picture or watching the news, it’s clear PCS Vision customers are using their phones for more than making a phone call.”

To date:

  • More than 120 games available, giving customers a wide range of titles and options
  • More handsets with more titles to choose from:
  • More than 100 games available on the first launched PCS

Vision Phones

  • Approximately 50 titles available on all 7 full-color PCS Vision Phones
  • More than 17 game partners, known as leaders in the gaming industry, with new ones to be unveiled at E3
  • Over the next several months, Sprint expects to introduce enhancements to its games service:
  • Multi-platform games: PCS Vision customers can play against PDA and PC users
  • 3D: Wireless games with graphics that rival console platforms

Easy to Use
Sprint offers games that are designed for people to be able to pick up their phone, quickly start the game and immediately get in the action to fill an otherwise wasted moment. Research shows that, on average, customers spend between 5-15 minutes playing a game. In addition, customers need to be able to quickly find games that are either familiar or that are best suited for a mobile device. Sprint lists its games by category, such as Retro or Branded Games, and recently announced a new category called “Top Downloads.” This makes it simple for customers to instantly find the games they want.

Well-Known Titles and Categories
The titles offered on Sprint’s games platform appeal to all ages – not just true “gamers.” Therefore, it’s important to offer branded games from familiar game companies. Sprint has partnerships with widely-known game providers such as SEGA Mobile, ESPN, THQ and Sony Pictures Digital. Retro/Classics, Puzzles and Sports are the categories that appeal to the mass market. Sprint offers a wide variety of games within each of these categories, with more to be announced at E3.

Sprint recently announced 1.3 million PCS Vision customers through the end of first quarter. Sprint leads the industry in the use of advanced data services. PCS Vision from Sprint includes services that allow customers to take and receive pictures from select PCS Phones; browse the Internet at speeds faster than most dial-up connections; check personal and corporate e-mail; watch clips and stream audio for news and music; download polyphonic, animated and voice ringers, and full-color, graphically-rich games and screen savers, all on the enhanced Nationwide PCS Network. PCS Vision games range in price from $.99-$5.99 for anywhere from one-month to unlimited usage.