Sprint’s Framily plan is no more, long live the Family Share Pack

sprints framily plan replaced family share pack

With the Framily plan, Sprint envisioned a plan that would give people a reasonable amount of data, with monthly payments decreasing as more people joined the plan. Unfortunately, the Framily plan included loops that led people to miscalculate how much it would cost as time passed. It looks like Sprint acknowledged the complicated nature of its Framily plan, since the carrier will replace it with the Family Share Pack.

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As part of its ongoing efforts to simplify plans, the Family Share Pack is supposed to bring more choice, flexibility, and savings, though looking at the fine print will do you good. The new plan starts at $75 a month for two lines, with the fee capping out at $100 for four lines, which allows you to have up to 10 lines for the same price.

You can also customize how much data you want, with the plan offering from 1GB to 6GB per line. The Family Share Pack maxes out at 10 lines with 6GB per line for $150. Keep in mind, however, that this would only apply to new Sprint customers. Even though the minimum per month remains at $75, a maxed-out Family Share Pack will cost current Sprint customers $300 per month. In addition, starting on December 31, 2015, Sprint will charge an additional $15 per line per month.

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As for the Framily plan, now that it’s officially dead, the commercials, which showed an awkward collection of characters, will also rest in peace. Even Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure agreed that the commercials were awful since they did little to communicate what Sprint was trying to offer. “There wasn’t a compelling value proposition at Sprint,” said Claure. “We were marketing a hamster talking to people.”

In other words, you could say that the Framily plans and ads are “Gor-done.”