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SRS iWow 3D brings 3D audio to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Some folks look at their iOS devices purely as communications tools, but others are all about the entertainment—video, music, games, and more. SRS Labs is aiming to appeal to the latter set with their new iWow 3D audio adapter for iPhone, iPod, and iPod touch that brings simulated 3D sound to both compressed and uncompressed audio played back through the devices, adding new levels of depth and enjoyment to a variety of content. And once user pair up the adapter with the SRS iWOW App, they’ll be able to optimize their settings for a variety of different situations (earphones, home stereo, cars, and more) to get the most of their audio experience.

“More and more people are enjoying their favorite music, games, movies and TV shows on the go; however, [Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod] fall short on delivering a great entertainment experience due to their limited audio performance capabilities, negatively impacting at least half of their experience,” said SRS Labs’ VP of marketing Allen H. Gharapetian, in a statement. “We are confident that our new iWOW 3D audio adapter will become a benchmark accessory for consumers who use their iPad, iPhone and iPod to truly enjoy their content at its best.”

The iWow 3D uses SRS technologies to look for cues in source audio material and generate an immersive, three-dimensional soundstage with improved clarity and depth over the original audio, as well as enhanced bass response. The iWow 3D is available in two models: a base model and a premium iWow 3DHF model. Both connect to the 30-pin connector on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, with a sleek black enclosure offering an extended line-out headphone jack, and offer five interchangeable faceplates so users can personalize their devices. The 3DHF version also comes with customized in-ear earbuds that “further enhance” the SRS iWow 3D experience.

The base model iWow 3D audio adapter carries a suggested retail price of $69.99, and the premium 3DHF model carries a suggested price of $99.99—although SRS Labs itself is offering lower prices in its own online store. SRS Labs says both adapters are available and shipping now, although their Web site still says they’re “coming soon.”

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