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Forget wires, magnet-charge your iPhone with Stacked

The people at Stacked definitely know how magnets work. Its new product utilizes magnets to wirelessly attach portable batteries to the back of your phone. It eliminates the need for wires, and the company claims its system can charge a smartphone as quickly as if it were plugged directly into the wall. The packs are swappable as well, so you can carry a few of them around with you, just like you would with an external battery.

Here’s how it works: A protective case that also serves as the charger for your iPhone 6/6S or 6/6S Plus and two 2,750mAh charging packs that magnetically attach to the case and charge the phone. To charge the packs after your phone has sucked them dry, you slap them on the charger that plugs into your wall. This magnetic AC wall charger is the final piece of the puzzle. When charging against the wall, up to five of the magnetic packs can be stacked together. It also charges the phone case, so you can charge your iPhone and Power Pack at the same time.

The power packs and the cases will charge in about an hour, which means by the time your current battery charge discharges, you can be recharging at full power right away.

Many wireless charging solutions require perfect alignment in order to achieve a full charge. Not so with Stacked, which has magnets that automatically self-align to the Power Packs and AC wall chargers. According to the company, the system also charges faster than most wireless charging systems.

The case is designed to provide full phone protection and easy access to buttons and ports. It is only 7.5mm thin, so it shouldn’t add too much bulk to your slim iPhone. The case comes in white, gold, and black to match the iPhone. Sorry, rose gold iPhone users, there’s no pinkish option in the lineup.

The company plans on adding data and memory syncing in the middle of next year, as well as adding charging bases for cars and other locations around the home.

You can pre-order the case now on Stacked’s website. The iPhone 6/6S/Plus case costs $100 right now, though that appears to be a decrease from $130. The power packs cost $58, a markdown from $80, and the AC Wall plug costs $20, down from $30.

** Stacked originally intended to launch as a Kickstarter, but soon gained funding from an external source, so the campaign is canceled.

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