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Want a cup of Joe? The Starbucks app is finally coming to Windows Phone

Android and iOS users have the luxury of a wealth of apps at their fingertips, but if you’re a Windows Phone user, you’re often out of luck. Luckily, that’s started changing with Windows 10 and its scheme to make universal apps for everything from a desktop PC to a smartphone. The next big addition to the Windows app store will be the Starbucks app.

“[Our] team has been working in partnership with Microsoft and we are within 30 to 45 days of releasing a Windows Phone app,” said Kevin Johnson, President of Starbucks at a shareholder meeting, according to GeekWire.

The Starbucks app offers a number of great features, including the ability to pay for drinks, track customer rewards, and even order drinks on the go to be picked up at your convenience. The Android and iOS versions of the app have both been very popular, but the app has been strangely absent from Windows Phone. Not too much was said about that app during the call, but it will most likely offer the same features as the Android and iOS versions.

The decision to bring Starbucks to Windows Phone may have something to do with the fact that Johnson, who only joined Starbucks last year, is a former Microsoft executive and division president.

It’s likely we’ll see more apps compatible with Windows Phone as Microsoft rolls out Windows 10 Mobile, which offers support for universal apps. Basically, developers only need to make one app, and it will work on any screen size. Twitter recently rolled out its Windows 10 app in support of the Universal Windows Platform. It appears that Starbucks is following in Twitter’s footsteps to please Windows Phone users who’ve been waiting for the app to arrive on their devices.

We’ll let you know when the app becomes available to download on the Windows app store.

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