Startup hopes to attract top developer with offer of space flight

space tripTech startups don’t need really need much to actually, er, start up. An office isn’t necessarily necessary when a bedroom and a laptop with the right software will be enough to get the business on its feet. What you do need, however, is a decent developer. Someone who knows how to take the idea to the next level and make your business a global success. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer summed it up perfectly – and with such heartfelt passion that parts of his clothes changed color – when he said, “Developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers.”  And he didn’t stop there.

Santa Monica-based PaeDae, a startup specializing in marketing, monetization and engagement solutions for online and mobile applications, has moved out of the bedroom since setting up in 2011 and is now on the hunt for that special developer.

But competition is fierce, with businesses like PaeDae finding that the promise of free lunches, after-work beers and in-house table football contests is no longer enough to get the top talent to shoot off their resume in an email.

After spending some time thinking about how to get the right kind of developer on board, PaeDae co-founder and CEO Rob Emrich believes he’s come up with a winning solution. Besides offering an immediate $5,000 signing bonus and a charitable donation in the successful applicant’s name, Emrich will also give the new employee the chance to take a very special trip – into space.

“We recognize that the pool of quality candidates is small and it’s hard to attract top talent,” Emrich said in a statement. “So we thought ‘what is the coolest thing we could possibly offer to our next hire’ and low level orbit sounded pretty effing cool.”

To bag the prize, the new hire must first get through a three-month probationary period with the company. After that, it all comes down to luck, with the trip resting on a hand of single-deck blackjack.

“The new employee will be dealt two random cards,” the company explained. “If he or she hits blackjack, they will win a trip to space or $200,000, which is the current cost of the trip. If not, they still get to keep their job and the $5,000 signing bonus.”

So, small chance. But at least there is a chance of a trip to space. For nothing.

If you’re a developer looking for a new challenge and fancy a free trip into space, you can apply for the position here.