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Stayful transforms the entire hotel experience from booking to check out

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Vacations are supposed to be a stress-free experience, but finding the right accommodations can be anything but. Mobile technology, however, wants to change that for the better. Stayful is a next-generation app that promises to “go beyond booking and put the entire hotel experience in customers’ hands.” Not only will you be able to discover and book unique boutique hotels from California to New York, but you’ll also be able to check in, check out, converse with a concierge, and more, all from the convenience of your smartphone.

Whereas other apps scour the web for last minute deals on hotels everyone has heard of, Stayful wants you to make the most of your trip by staying in independent and, perhaps, under-the-radar hotels at a better price. Once you’ve set your specific needs in the app, Stayful will find a room then negotiate a special rate on your behalf. Stayful guarantees the best possible price, and makes it possible to confirm everything within three taps.

Once you’re in the hotel, take advantage of the Stayful concierge to chat with the hotel and front desk, make adjustments to your room, order food, or otherwise explore the amenities your temporary lodgings have to offer. And if you’re looking to do some sightseeing or book a great restaurant for dinner, Stayful can take care of that too.

When you’re ready to go home, check out directly from the app, and you’ll be able to see your bill in Stayful.

“While boutique and independent hotels want to engage their guests on mobile devices, the fact is that most guests are not going to download a separate app for every hotel they visit,” app creators noted. “Stayful solves this pain point by providing the software to the hotels for free. Guests only have to download one app and whenever they check into a new hotel through Stayful, the app transitions to the aesthetic of that hotel.” From there, guests will have a seamless mobile experience, and hotels themselves will be able to gain insights into their guests’ experiences and address problems efficiently.

So the next time you’re headed out of town, consider the app that claims to save travelers an average of 22 percent on their reservations, and skip the chain accommodations for something that may be a little more memorable.

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