Steve Ballmer wants the Los Angeles Clippers to switch from iPads to Windows

steve ballmer wants clippers switch ipads windows

Even though Steve Ballmer is now the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, that doesn’t mean his allegiance to all things Microsoft has faded and died. Ballmer revealed that he plans to switch the team away from iPads and towards Windows devices in an interview with Reuters.

Ballmer noted that “some of the players and coaches” use iPads, though most of the team is already on Windows. Coach Doc Rivers assumed this would happen when it was made official that Ballmer would own the team. However, Ballmer promised that the transition won’t be a jarring one and that it will take place during the offseason.

Ballmer also reflected on his failures while at Microsoft, saying that he wished the majority of mobile products were from Microsoft. He also wished that Microsoft “birthed that category,” though reality has Microsoft trying to catch up to Apple and Google. Regardless of past failures, Ballmer wants to make the Clippers experience the best possible experience for fans.

Ballmer made the successful $2 billion bid towards owning the Clippers after disgraced ex-team owner Donald Sterling made racist comments that were recorded by his former girlfriend.