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Tinder, your time is up – Find some companionship for yourself and your dog with Tindog

stop being lonely tindog
For what seems like an eternity, humans have had one and only one solution to finding themselves and their dogs some companionship: going outside. Now, however, a revolutionary new process, the smartphone, is in the palms of our lonely hands, and with it comes Tindog.

Tindog already has a leg up (pun fully intended) on Tinder, in that you won’t find any duck faces or human beings on Tindog attempting to overcompensate. Instead, you can take pictures of your dog and, if you want, yourself with your dog, and upload them to the app. You can thereafter browse pictures of any other dogs in your area, which you can “like” by using the same swipe-right-swipe-left functionality that Tinder has.

If you are liked in return, you can message the other dog’s owner and set up some time for your dogs to walk in circles and smell each other — while the owners behave, we assume, more decorously.

Of course, you can try for some human companionship with Tindog, but you’d be wise to focus on your pup for this one. Dogs have vast amounts of energy, likely more than we meager humans do and, depending on where you live, setting up playdates can be arduous and almost impossible, especially if you’re new to the area. Finding your dog a companion could save your couch from being chewed up or your carpet from being stained from a canine expression of boredom or frustration. Think about the couches.

If you’re down for some human-to-human and dog-to-dog companionship, Tindog is currently available as a free download for both Android and iOS. Just make sure to leave your cat at home, because who knows – maybe someone will come along and make Tincat.

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