Streaming media comes to Nokia 60 series

RealNetworks’ RealOne Mobile Player, incorporated in the Series 60 Platform that Nokia licenses to handset manufacturers, now supports live streaming of industry standard 3GPP media formats, addingto its previous support of local playback of 3GPP media and local and streaming playback of RealAudio® and RealVideo®.   “RealNetworks’ focus is on creating great media experiences forconsumers wherever and whenever they want,” noted Ian Freed, vice president, Mobile Products and Services, RealNetworks.  “Nokia continues to deliver innovative mobile devices and together weare able to offer state-of-the-art mobile media for users with Series 60-based phones.”   Phones based on the Series 60 platform and shipping with the RealOne Mobile Player, such as the newlyannounced Nokia 6600 phone, enable users to capture, send and receive video clips with audio, as well as receive streaming video content in both RealVideo and 3GPP video streaming formats.   “The Series 60 platform continues to lead the mobile industry with innovative software that is powerful and easy-to-use,” said Timo Poikolainen, Vice President, Marketing, Nokia MobileSoftware.  “Collaboration with companies such as RealNetworks helps us to make great mobile media experiences a reality for Series 60 licensees and consumers with advanced mobile devices.”  The Series 60 Platform is a terminal software product for smart phones that Nokia licenses to handset manufacturers. The platform has rapidly become the market leading terminal software forsmart phones with licensees representing approximately 60 percent of global handset market. Panasonic, Samsung, Sendo, Siemens and Nokia have licensed the Series 60 Platform.   RealOne MobilePlayer is a version of the popular RealOne Player optimized for mobile devices and PDAs.  The RealOne Mobile Player for the Series 60 includes both streaming and local playback of RealAudio andRealVideo, support for standards, a simplified interface for easy navigation, and access to customizable links for popular news, sports, and entertainment content.