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Studyhub connects you with on-demand tutors for your science and math homework

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Throughout my high school career, homework was the bane of my existence. Admittedly, I probably should have had a tutor in a subject or two, but I never made the effort to do so and it showed in my GPA.

If you’re in the same boat, there’s a new app that might help you solve your problems, both literally and metaphorically. It’s called Studyhub, and it’s a new iOS app designed to help you better understand and complete your homework with the help of a tutor.

The process is fairly straightforward. Choose the subject you need help in, take a photo of the problem(s) in question, and you’ll be connected to a tutor who will help walk you through the problem using voice chat and a digital blackboard.

What sets Studyhub apart from other homework helping apps is its integrated voice chat and visual blackboard. Rather than using text-based communication, which is limited in many ways, Studyhub instantly connects you to one of its “world class” tutors, who will explain the problem over voice chat while simultaneously giving visual feedback through the live blackboard.

This auditory and visual feedback is especially important for more visual subjects, such as mathematics and science classes where graphs, diagrams, and figures are important to comprehension.

Currently, Studyhub offers tutors in three subjects: math, chemistry, and physics. There’s no word yet on when other subjects are expected to be supported.

The Studyhub app itself is free to download in the iOS App Store, so head on over and take it for a spin if you need a little help with your homework.

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