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Supersmoker Bluetooth e-cigarette lets users take calls, play music

supersmoker bluetooth e cigarette lets users take calls play music

Announced on the device’s product page, the Supersmoker Bluetooth is a new type of e-cigarette that can pair with a smartphone for a couple useful functions. For instance when someone calls, a Supersmoker Bluetooth user simply taps the middle button on the e-cigarette and is able to start talking utilizing the built-in microphone and speaker. There’s no need to stand near the smartphone or even pick it up as long as the Supersmoker Bluetooth has already been paired with the smartphone prior to the call.

In addition to answering and hanging up on calls using the middle button, the two other buttons on the device control music functions. For example, tapping either button will increase or decrease the volume of music being played through the speaker. Alternatively, holding down the button will advance to the next song or back up to the previous song on the current playlist.


Of course, the downside to the Supersmoker Bluetooth is the speaker will play music for everyone to hear. Since there’s no headphone jack included with the device, people will also be able to listen in on your calls, basically identical to using the speakerphone function on a smartphone.

Regarding compatibility, the Supersmoker Bluetooth will pair with both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. In addition to playing music within a smartphone’s core music software, the buttons on the device are compatible with both Spotify and YouTube at this time. According to the product page, the device is currently priced at about 80 Euro ($110) and is available in five different colors, black, white, yellow, blue and pink. Anyone that purchases the Supersmoker Bluetooth can also choose from an introductory flavor such as tobacco, menthol, chocolate, strawberry, apple or coffee. 

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