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Suunto wants to make a dent in the sports-watch market with the Spartan Sport

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It’s safe to say that there are plenty of sports-oriented smartwatches available now, whether you’re actually into sports or you just want a device to use on a day-to-day basis. Suunto, however, is looking to make a dent in this space, and is adding a new device to the Spartan sports watch lineup it announced last month.

The new watch is called the Spartan Sport, and is being touted as a “strong and sleek multisport GPS watch for athletes.” In other words, this device is one of the growing number that have GPS. The Sport is a cheaper alternative to the Spartan Ultra.

Design played a big part in the creation of this watch, it seems. While the watch is a sports watch, it’s not so chunky that you couldn’t wear it in other situations. Of course, this could also be helpful for when you are doing sports — as Suunto notes, “many athletes prefer a low-profile fit on the wrist over extra-long battery life.”

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Of course, that’s not to say that the device has a sub-par battery life. It will most certainly get you through the day, as it lasts 16 hours on a single charge.

Apart from GPS and a 16-hour battery life, the device offers pre-set modes for tracking as many as 80 different activities. It obviously tracks the major sports — running, cycling, swimming, triathlons, and so on, but it also tracks things like skiing. You can also set interval modes for when you’re training using a combination of different sports.

The Sport is aimed at providing accurate fitness tracking through its GPS and accelerometer, however it doesn’t come cheap. The device costs $549, and comes in black, white, blue, and “sakura” (the Japanese word for cherry, used here to mean pink). You can get one for yourself from the Spartan website.

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