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I let SwiftKey write my dating profile and the result was hilarious

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Filling out your dating profile can be a chore as you try to figure out the perfect thing to say. What if you could forget all the analyzing and have the answers magically appear without any effort at all?

It’s now a reality thanks to SwiftKey, one of the best keyboard replacement apps on Android and iOS. SwiftKey’s claim to fame is its ability to predict what you’re going to type next based on your past history. This prediction engine is what makes SwiftKey the perfect solution to handle all your dating profile needs.

Assuming you already have SwiftKey on your phone or tablet, all you need to do is open this Google document on your device and type out the beginning of each section to get your results. For example, if you type, “I live” followed by the space bar, you will get three words to choose from. You might have to choose a couple of filler words like “in” or “a” to get to the magic words. Just keep selecting words until you have a phrase.

SwiftKey got its inspiration from a Twitter user who used Google to autocomplete his dating profile. The results were pretty funny, but SwiftKey’s approach is a little more personal. Google’s algorithm uses past search results from not only you, but millions of other people as well. SwiftKey only uses your personal history. Plus, search phrases and typing for communication are both very different.

Some of my personal results were:

“I live in the past.”

“I enjoy reading your blog.”

“I’m turned on by a few days before the end of the week.”

“I want to date a girl that I am planning on filming.”

Oh, there’s a lot to love in that last one!

Incidentally, you don’t have to use the Google document linked above. Instead, you could open a new instant message or an email and get the same results. The Google doc, however, has all the phrases you need, and it’s a way to submit your results to SwiftKey with the possibility of them getting showcased anonymously on its blog.

If you want to use another method, the phrases are “I live,” “I was born,” “My body is,” “You should,” “I enjoy,” “I like,” “I want to date a guy/girl who,” “I’m turned on by,” and “I’m turned off by.”

The only caveat here is that you need to already be a SwiftKey user for a while to get decent results. If you’re new to SwiftKey, you can always create an account and allow the app to read your past Gmails, Facebook profile updates, and Tweets to get better results.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll want to actually use SwiftKey’s answers or that you will meet your soulmate, but we can guarantee that you will have a blast doing it. We urge you to check it out even if you’re happily married like I am.

Let us know your results in the comments.

You can download SwiftKey from Google Play or the App Store.

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