What’s your favorite emoji? SwiftKey’s ‘United States of Emoji’ map reveals our habits

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As one of the most popular alternative keyboard apps for iOS and Android, SwiftKey has a lot of interesting data at its fingertips. Those who opt into its cloud service can even see a detailed map of  keystrokes, how many typos SwiftKey’s corrected, the sheer number of words it predicted you’d use, and now, it can show you your emoji habits, too.

Using data from its many users, SwiftKey analyzed the 1 billion emoji sent with its keyboard to figure out the most popular emoji for each of the 50 states in the U.S.

Most of the results fit geographical stereotypes, including Hawaii, which uses the most waves, surfer, volcano, and pineapple emoji. Californians frequently use the sunset, sushi, and ramen emoji, though they’re most fond of the taxi emoji. Swiftkey reasons that’s because Uber and Lyft were both founded in the state.

In case you were wondering, Vermonters use the poop and goat emojis the most, while people in New Hampshire use the alcohol emoji more than any state. Apparently, Nevada residents love using the “raunchy” emoji like the eggplant, open mouth, and key.

Louisiana prefers the more violent emoji like the gun and the skull, but it’s also a fan of the guitar emoji. Meanwhile Montana likes to keep it safe with Santa, fishing, and the monkey who hears no evil.

“Data science is a fascinating area and what we are starting to realize is that we have an insight to see how people use emoji to express themselves,”Joe Braidwood, the CMO of SwiftKey told the New York Daily News. “We are using a lot of this data to improve our product.”

You can find your emoji insights by going to the My Profile section in the SwiftKey app, and clicking on Your typing & emoji insights.

If you want to find out how each state uses emoji, you can check out Swiftkey’s interactive map of emoji use by state.

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