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Need some help completing that text? Let Swiftmoji finish it off with an emoji

Swiftmoji Emoji Keyboard for iPhone - Up your emoji game
SwiftKey’s keyboard app for iOS and Android has helped you find your words more efficiently, and now, it’s doing the same with emojis. Meet Swiftmoji, the first new app to come out of the predictive keyboard company since it was acquired by Microsoft back in February. Meant to offer its users “perfect emoji predictions based on what [they]’ve just typed,” the brand new app is currently available for free on both Android and iOS.

Given the ever-burgeoning library of emojis currently available, finding the right one can be an arduous process. “Swiftmoji removes the frustration of playing hunt-the-emoji – and helps you discover new emoji you may have never even seen before – with its spot-on predictions,” Swiftkey wrote in its blog post announcing the new app. By using context clues and “worldwide emoji trends,” effectively analyzing sentiment across its vast user base and determining how people have used emoji in a given time period, Swiftmoji says that it will provide you with the “best and most topical emoji predictions.”

“Emoji popularity has exploded and very quickly it’s become the most-used unofficial language globally. However keyboards have been slow to capitalize on its rising popularity and the ongoing, daily quest to find the right emoji is still a big frustration,” said Peter Holc, iOS Swiftmoji product manager. “That’s where Swiftmoji comes in – suggesting just the right emoji for what you want to say.”

While the app is currently only available in English, things might soon change given our global obsession with emoji. It’s also worth mentioning that Swiftmoji on iOS is naught more than an emoji keyboard, but on Android, Swiftmoji is a full keyboard replacement. So if you find yourself spending too much time searching for the perfect emoji to complete that perfect text, it may be time to get some help from the folks at Swiftmoji.

You can get it now on Android and iOS.

Download for iOS Download for Android

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