T-Mobile offers up to $50 off all iPhone models, Galaxy S5, LG G3, and more

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T-Mobile appears to be clearing out its stock of old iPhones ahead of the iPhone 6 launch. The Uncarrier is offering up to $50 off all iPhone models, but its also heavily discounting other flagship smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S5, LG G3, and HTC One M8.

The iPhone 5S will now cost $0 upfront and customers can get nearly $50 off the device’s original price of $650. Of course, that price is for the 16GB model, not the one with 32GB of storage. The 16GB iPhone 5C is also $0 down and T-Mobile will chop $50 off the full price of $550. The iPhone 4S and 4 are also on sale. The Uncarrier will also cut the cost of all 32GB iPhone models and the 64GB version of the iPhone 5 and the 5S.

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T-Mobile phone sale

Samsung’s smartphones are also heavily discounted. The Galaxy S5 is available for $0 down and $50 off the original $660 price tag, and the Galaxy S4 is even cheaper at $0 down and $111 off the previous price of $550. The Galaxy Note 3 is also available for $0 down, though it’s not on sale.

T-Mobile is also offering the LG G3 for $0 upfront and although it’s not cutting the price by $50, the Uncarrier will give you a QuickCircle case for the G3 for free and cut the G3’s price by $24. However, you must order the popular handset online or over the phone using the promo code “G3DEAL.” The Optimus L90 is also significantly discounted with $0 down and $130 off the original $330 price tag.

The last big flagship phone T-Mobile has put on sale is the HTC One M8, which it now offers for $0 upfront with $50 off the total price. The Uncarrier will also throw in one of HTC’s Fetch key finder gadgets when you order the M8 online.

Several other smartphones are on sale, too, but those are mostly budget or mid-range devices. You can see all the deals on T-Mobile’s website.