T-Mobile Adds BlackBerry 7730 To Line-up

From the press release:

Available from T-Mobile direct business sales on April 30, the BlackBerry 7730 is the very latest from Research in Motion (RIM) and complements T-Mobile’s existing lineup of BlackBerry products.

With the BlackBerry 7730, T-Mobile customers will Get More screen size, making it easier to manage e-mail, surf the Web or access multiple e-mail accounts. With up to 10 hours of standby battery life, users can get out of the office and stay out of the office.

“All the BlackBerry handhelds in our lineup are a great match for T-Mobile and our customers,” said Scott Ballantyne, vice president of business services for T Mobile USA. “The BlackBerry 7730 gives users freedom to communicate the way they want and helps them make their work life fit with the rest of their life. That’s part of what we mean when we say T-Mobile helps you Get More From Life?.”

The BlackBerry 7730 has numerous unique benefits, including these:

  • A large vibrant screen supporting more than 65,000 colors, providing ample workspace and improved application viewing
  • Long battery life with up to 10 days of standby use
  • A clearly defined number pad to increase ease of use
  • An even easier-to-see keypad with better backlighting

    Mobile professionals continue to make T-Mobile their carrier of choice because it offers the best value in wireless, has a national network and has developed a leading international roaming network.

    Pricing for the BlackBerry 7730 will be announced at launch.