T-Mobile plans to launch anti-AT&T ad campaign


Oh snap! As TmoNew reports, T-Mobile is responding to the negative AT&T ads against it, and the response is nothing short of hilarious. We can’t help but love it when an underdog successfully throws down against a leader. 

T-Mobile is about to put up a new series of ads with slogans like “If AT&T thought our network wasn’t great, why did they try to buy it?” to “What keeps AT&T up at night? Apparently us.” The ads haven’t yet run, but they will (we’re hoping) soon. Everybody loves a good old-fashioned brand war.

We can’t claim to be the biggest of T-Mobile cheerleaders, but we had a change of heart after witnessing the brazen honesty of the company’s CEO, John Legere. As he said at this year’s CES in January, “Anybody here from New York? Any of you use AT&T? Any of you who use them, are you happy? Of course not. Their network’s crap. We’re faster than they are in Chicago, and Minneapolis. We’re faster than them in, you know, I could go down seven or eight cities.”

T-Mobile isn’t afraid to speak up. Last year, we reported that T-Mobile lost a jaw-dropping 200-plus thousand subscribers. So while it might seem to be a bad thing, and certainly supports the idea that it is an underdog carrier, it wasn’t entirely negative. The remaining users actually started to spend more with the company, with revenue from pre-paid and subscription uses jumping up roughly 14 percent.

These ads prove T-Mobile is becoming a fighter.

We’re excited for the day these ads actually make their way out of the tech insider world and are printed on the pages of newspapers and magazines around the world.