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T-Mobile boss ‘disappointed’ at BlackBerry’s decision to end ties, makes new offer to users

T-Mobile CEO John Legere

T-Mobile boss John Legere published an open letter Thursday expressing disappointment in BlackBerry’s decision earlier this week to end licensing ties with the wireless carrier.

Addressing his BlackBerry customers directly, Legere said, “We hear you and stand with you,” adding, “Obviously, we were disappointed in BlackBerry’s decision to end their agreement with us.”

He also assured them that although it has to stop selling BlackBerry products come April 25, the service it offers to its current BlackBerry mobile customers would stay the same.

“Here’s what really matters most for BlackBerry owners,” Legere said, “Whether you’re an individual customer or business customer, nothing changes. Nada. Zero. Zilch.”

BlackBerry announced its intention to sever ties with T-Mobile following an episode a couple of months back when the carrier emailed its BlackBerry customers with a “great offer” encouraging them to switch to an iPhone 5S.

Fans of the Canadian mobile company were not best pleased by T-Mobile’s marketing move, expressing their anger on social media sites. BlackBerry boss John Chen stepped into the dispute a few days later, saying the mobile maker was “outraged” at the “inappropriate and ill-conceived” promotion. Legere apologized for any upset he’d caused among BlackBerry fans, though the damage was done.

Things went quiet until Tuesday, when BlackBerry announced its licensing agreement with T-Mobile would not be renewed.

In Thursday’s open letter, Legere said he wanted to show the company’s “appreciation for all current consumers so passionate and loyal to all things BlackBerry” by offering a $100 credit toward any new handset, including BlackBerry’s more recent Q10 or Z10 devices. The offer runs till the end of the year.

T-Mobile was offering a $250 credit toward the Q10 and Z10 devices back in February in apology for its poorly received iPhone promotion, though that offer was for a limited time only.

In a final bid to placate BlackBerry-owning T-Mobile customers, Legere said another offer would soon be announced, and ended his message by telling BlackBerry users he would “always fight” for them.

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