T-Mobile will double your data if you add a tablet

T-Mobile just sweetened the deal for its customers with a new promotion that doubles your data when you add a tablet. If you have 5GB data on your smartphone plan, the Uncarrier will match that amount when you add a tablet to your account, so you’ll get 5GB extra, specifically for your tablet.

T-Mobile hopes this new promotion will encourage customers to get LTE-enabled tablets and use them on its network. The deal could also sway new potential customers to the Uncarier’s side, especially if they already have a connected tablet and smartphone.

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Of course, adding a tablet to your Simple Choice Plan means adding $10 a month and T-Mobile will only match your smartphone data if you’ve got 5GB or less. If you have say, 10GB for your smartphone, you won’t get another 10GB for your tablet. However, seeing as 5GB of data for one device is a lot, it’s likely that most customers will fall inside of the promotion’s parameters.

In comparison, tablet users at Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint have to pay more for less data. At Verizon, a customer with one tablet and one smartphone can only get 6GB of data for both devices to share for $80 a month, while T-Mobile customers with a smartphone and a tablet get 10GB data to use on both devices. AT&T‘s customers get the same deal as users at Verizon.

T-Mobile also says that in addition to the extra data, customers will still get the 200MB of free data every month for as long as their tablet shall live on the company’s network. As such, the Uncarrier maintains the promise it made last year to connected tablet customers and adds a new promotion on top of it all. The deal kicks off on September 3 and anyone who has a Simple Choice Plan is eligible for the offer.