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T-Mobile loves competition in the wireless industry while it low-blows Verizon’s plan changes

t mobile fcc settlement
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T-Mobile positions itself as the Uncarrier, a self-described wireless industry disruptor that spurred competitors to copy its ways. Instead of opting for a press release, however, T-Mobile sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), with the carrier extolling its own successes while chastising others.

T-Mobile talked up its Uncarrier strategy and how, since its inception back in March 2013, competitors like Verizon and AT&T have implemented similar tactics, such as dropping two-year contracts in favor of equipment installment plans (EIPs). However, it is because other carriers mimicked its offerings that T-Mobile believes the U.S. wireless industry became more competitive over the years.

“Since our first Uncarrier announcement more than three years ago, we have relentlessly challenged the status quo in the wireless industry by identifying and removing consumer pain points,” the FCC filing reads. “The large incumbent carriers have taken notice and responded by replicating some of the most popular features of our innovative programs albeit often without offering the same high level of consumer benefit.”

The carrier was not entirely beneath chastising others, however, as T-Mobile threw Verizon plenty of shade for the latter’s plan changes on Thursday, July 7. As T-Mobile and plenty of others pointed out, Verizon increased the monthly data allotment for all of its postpaid plans, but also increased their monthly costs. Verizon did not see the changes as price hikes, since the price per gigabyte decreased.

Regardless, because of T-Mobile’s so-called “innovative products,” the carrier believes there is no further need for regulation, which was originally put in place in order to spur competition.

“T-Mobile therefore urges the Commission to consider these developments as part of its annual assessment of competition in the mobile wireless market as well as when the agency evaluates potential actions that allow for ongoing and vigorous competition amongst providers,” T-Mobile wrote.

T-Mobile ended the letter by urging the FCC to pay close attention to any actions that might “inhibit or limit the ability of competitors like T-Mobile to offer innovative products and services to consumers.”

The FCC is scheduled to release its annual report on the state of the wireless industry by year’s end.

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