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T-Mobile is stepping up its coverage game at the National Mall just in time for the inauguration

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In eight days, one president will leave the White House, and another will enter. And regardless of which president better represents your views, chances are you’re going to want to talk about it. And here to help is T-Mobile, which has stepped up its efforts to service customers in the heart of the action — right in the National Mall.

“T-Mobile’s LTE network is already the fastest and most advanced in the U.S., and it covers more than 99 percent of the people Verizon covers,” said Neville Ray, T-Mobile CTO. “Now, we’ve juiced our coverage for customers in DC almost 1,000 percent … permanently.”

So how did the firm do it? According to Ray, the Un-carrier rolled out a series of new LTE Advanced technologies, including 4X4 MIMO and 256 QAM, that other carriers “are still just talking about.”

“But, we’re the Un-carrier — while they talk, we’re hard at work improving the most advanced network,” the CTO concluded.

Of course, these changes didn’t happen overnight. Indeed, T-Mobile began preparations for this massive upgrade over a year ago, launching a number of enhanced technologies like adding LTE spectrum to its sites, deploying three carrier aggregation for a total of 30+30 MHz of LTE, adding new multi-beam antennas and other upgraded equipment, and more than doubling backhaul on many sites.

And just for the upcoming inauguration, T-Mobile will be deploying LTE-enabled cell sites on-wheels to ensure that your Snapchats, tweets, Facebook posts, and texts will go through to whomever, whenever.

So whether you fancy yourself a political commentator or a political junkie who will be looking on at the ceremony on January 20, or just happen to live near the National Mall, rest assured that with T-Mobile, you’ll be able to share your thoughts and experiences with those around the world.

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