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T-Mobile strikes out at Verizon, offers free trial to disillusioned customers

T-Mobile Event 3/18/2015
Malarie Gokey/Digital Trends
Are you a Verizon subscriber? If so, T-Mobile wants you to come and give its network a try, and it has introduced a new scheme to tempt you away. It’s called Never Settle for Verizon, a cheeky response to Verizon’s newest Never Settle advertising campaign, and it’s a free two-week trail of T-Mobile’s service using a free phone connected to your existing Verizon number.

T-Mobile’s not messing around either. It has released eight short commercials saying it agrees that you should never settle, then lists all the reasons why it believes Verizon rips off its customers. These include two-year contracts, a slow LTE network, roaming charges, unused data disappearing each month, and a wait to upgrade phones.

Verizon’s extensive Never Settle ad campaign has irked T-Mobile and CEO John Legere, who tweeted:

Here’s what T-Mobile will offer any disillusioned Verizon customers out there. After porting your number across to T-Mobile, you get a free loan phone for 14 days, during which you get to try out T-Mobile’s coverage and network features. After the two weeks are up, you hand the phone back — all without incurring any charges.

However, if you decide life’s better with T-Mobile, the network will pay any Verizon early termination charges up to $650, and welcome you onto one of its Simple Choice plans. Proving it’s a real risk-free trial, T-Mobile will even pay off any charges Verizon makes if you want to reconnect to its network following the two-week test.


It’s difficult to argue with a promotion like this, because there’s very little to lose, outside of the time it takes to set up. The Never Settle for Verizon campaign begins on May 13, but you best be quick if you want to try it out, because it ends on May 31. It’ll be available both in-store and online.

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At the end of 2014, Statista put Verizon and AT&T at the top of the U.S. network market share charts with 34-percent, and T-Mobile in fourth with 15-percent, just behind third-placed Sprint.

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